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Waarom het bijzonder is dat dít model 'Mr. Engeland' is geworden

In Engeland heeft dit jaar voor het eerst een man die een been mist de titel ‘Mr England’ gewonnen. Doordat hij deze titel heeft gekregen, mag hij ook meedoen aan de Mr. World-verkiezing.

De 28-jarige Jack Eyers is personal trainer en model en heeft de afgelopen 5 jaar hard gewerkt om een handicap ook meer te laten zien in de modewereld. Hij is daarmee een rolmodel geworden voor andere mensen met een handicap.

Grotere prijs

Voor hem is de Mr. England-wedstrijd niet alleen een schoonheidswedstrijd maar een veel grotere prijs. Toen hij de prijs won, zei hij dan ook: “Ik ben een beetje overweldigd, maar kijk uit naar mijn volgende uitdaging: de Mr. World-competitie.”

A real life terminator, I’m on a one-man mission to challenge perceptions of disability. I’m an amputee and proud of it. I don’t let my disability stop me from achieving anything, in fact I use it to my advantage and I want to inspire others to do the same. At 16 years of age, I had elective surgery to have my right leg amputated because of a condition that was getting progressively worse. The path to recovery was hard and painful, but I could never have imagined the world of new possibilities that lay ahead; I now live life to the full. Throughout my childhood and early teenage years I struggled with confidence and feeling different. Growing up, I didn’t have a role model or anyone to inspire me who looked like me. I’d like to change that for young people living with a disability today now that I’ve learnt to embrace my disability and accept it as part of me. As the face of Mr. England, I would use this position to empower other disabled people to live life to the full and seize opportunities; I would also challenge the perceptions of disability in the media by being a positive role model. However, it’s not all about disability. I believe I am a positive role model for all young people and being Mr.England would give me the perfect platform to show how diverse this country really is. I love to swim, canoe and waterski and I’m a personal trainer. I’m passionate about promoting health and fitness for mental wellbeing – the ‘feel good factor’. I believe a physical challenge can help with recovery from anything by pushing comfort zones and gaining a sense of achievement. As Mr. England I would be an advocate for fitness and would work with charities and organisations to promote this message. I’m also flying the flag for diversity in the fashion industry, working as a catwalk model in London, New York, Milan and Moscow. I would proudly represent Mr. England on an international stage. Being involved in charitable causes has always been important to me. I currently work with Beauty with a purpose, LimbPower and Models of Diversity and would actively seek to beinvolved in other charities that share my vision. #1man1leg1mission #MrDorset #MrEngland

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